Schools mandating volunteering

28-Oct-2019 23:33

By forcing students to do community service, school officials are essentially doing the equivalent of the mandatory system practiced in penitentiaries across the nation.

Furthermore, by implementing mandatory community service, students are burdened with yet an extra criteria to meet in order to graduate.

Whether it is helping clean up a park, tutoring, or just accompanying a senior citizen, the end results are usually positive and encouraging.

Most non for-profit organizations count on volunteers to stay afloat and the addition of a surplus of students will further help their cause.

An ongoing debate that seems to be at the center of much attention is whether community service should be mandatory in America's high schools.

Numerous schools across the country have mandated that in order for their students to graduate, they must complete a predetermined amount of community service.

In these roles, volunteers often help with, logistical, administrative, and lingual support, or community outreach initiatives.

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The onus is now on this generation and posterity to follow suit and mandatory community service is the best way to ensure that.Many students seem to agree with this stance as a survey conducted in 2002 by the Council for Excellence in Government Youth showed that a majority of high school aged students were against mandatory community service.Based on previous experiences, I am personally think community service should indeed be mandatory due to the benevolent effects it has on recipients.Make Direct Contact with the Host Organization Ahead of Your Arrival In recent years, growing interest in volunteer travel has sparked an increase in less legitimate organizations.

Those of us who have taken interest in traveling abroad have all heard the cautionary tales of orphanage scandals or the heartbreaking stories of volunteer participants arriving in a rural village only to find that the organization they were supposed to volunteer with has been closed for a year – or didn’t exist at all.

Opponents of mandatory community service express the belief that community service isn't a subject that should be forced upon students.