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In the book, "Interpretation of the Oneness of God (Tawheed)," for first year high-school students it is related that God had sent Jesus to order the Jews to worship the oneness of God.The book then states that "He [Jesus] is the messenger of God, not his son as the Christians claim."[31] Part IV: Exporting the Saudi Education System Spreading Islam throughout the world is emphasized on numerous occasions in the official Saudi document authored by the Higher Committee for Educational Policy. The rest represent 29 nationalities." A report in The Washington Post on July 11, 2002, explained that the Saudi academy now educates about 1,300 students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade on two campuses in northern Virginia, with a dual American and Middle Eastern curriculum. [35] Saudi Government Paper: ' Billions Spent by Saudi Royal Family to Spread Islam to Every Corner of the Earth' [36] Visit archives can be found here).Translations from Saudi Schoolbooks[22] Jihad From an early age, schoolchildren are taught about Jihad for the Sake of Allah (Al-Jihad fi sabil Allah).In a textbook for 8 grade students, a Hadith is introduced about a companion of the Prophet Muhammad who asked the Prophet: "What labor is most favored by Allah?Textbooks are updated periodically to reflect developments in different subjects.

and for the resumption of the march along the path of glory and honor."[14] Part II: Organizational Aspects Government Control of Schoolbooks to Guarantee They are Consistent with Islam and Devoid of Anything Conflicting with Its Principles The Saudi government maintains control of every aspect of educational material:[15] "The government shall be concerned with the control of all books coming into the Kingdom from abroad or going out of the Kingdom to the outside world.

at least one of the living languages in addition to their original language to enable them to acquire knowledge… to other communities and participate in the spreading of Islam."[10] Teaching the History of Islamic Glories Educating students in "the spirit of Islamic struggle" is another common theme in the Saudi education system, as the following principles indicate: "Striving and fighting for the sake of Allah is a prescribed duty, a followed tradition and an existing necessity.

This spirit of striving will remain in force until the Day of Judgment."[11] This is done by "teaching history in a systematic way, deriving crucial lessons from it and explaining the Islamic points of view," highlighting the glorious stances in the history of Islam and the civilization of its people, "so as to be an example to be followed by our present Muslim generation."[12] "Awakening the spirit of Islamic struggle to resist our enemies, restore our rights and glories, and perform our duties towards the Islamic message"[13] is a general theme students are expected to learn.

Part I: The Philosophy of Education Education Based on the Teachings of Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abd Al-Wahhab According to a book published in 1995 by the Saudi Cultural Mission to the U. on education in the Kingdom, titled "Education in Saudi Arabia,"[3] the roots of the contemporary Saudi education policy date back to the 18th century when Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abd Al-Wahhab called for the return of Muslims to the fundamentals of Islam as preached by the Prophet Muhammad.

The cornerstone of education in Saudi Arabia consists of the most pervasive themes in Islam.Textbook materials in fields such as mathematics, science, and social studies, however are reevaluated regularly.

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