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0,000 & Full Health & Armor Xbox: PS2: Infinite Health *Xbox: PS2: Makes you mostly bulletproof, and fire, punches and melee attacks don't hurt you anymore.

You can still be hurt by explosions, falling, getting run over, and drowning.

Infinite Ammo Xbox: PS2: Infinite Oxygen (Lung Capacity) *Xbox: PS2: Swim underwater and never have to worry about drowning!

Commit Suicide Xbox: PS2: Adrenaline Mode *Xbox: PS2: Never Get Hungry *Xbox: PS2: Hitman level in all weapons Xbox: PS2: Automatically gives you the hitman level for all weapons.

Increase Wanted Level Xbox: PS2: Increases the wanted level by increments of 2 each time the the code is used.

Maximum Vehicle Stats Xbox: PS2: Maximum Respect Xbox: PS2: Maximum Sex Appeal Xbox: PS2: Really Fat CJXbox: PS2: Fat level for CJ goes to maximum.

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Weapons Package #1PC: Xbox: PS2: Brass Knuckles, Bat, 9mm, Shotgun, Micro MP5, AK-47, Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Molotovs, Spray Can.Including: Fist: fist, iron lotus Assault: knife, golf sticks, shovels, pool cues, batons, baseball bats, samurai swords, chainsaw Pistols: 9mm pistol (M1911 pistol), M1911 pistol with silencer, Desert Eagle pistol Shotgun: Remington 870P, barrel shortened version of the shotgun, bursts shotgun (SPAS-12) SMG: Tec-9, Mini Uzi, HK MP5 Assault rifles: AK-47, M4 carbine Rifle: rifle, sniper rifle (M40A1) Heavy weapons: flamethrower, RPG-7, Strela 3, M134 Grenade: grenades (M26A1), tear gas, petrol bombs, remote control bomb (C4) Handheld items: fire extinguisher, spray paint, camera Dropping attack together Gift: flowers, double dildos Special items: night vision goggles, heat inspection lens, parachutes Other: cap (use with car bombs and remote control bomb together) KGGGDKP AFSNMSMW RIPAZHA LXGIWYL KJKSZPJ UZUMYMW HESOYAM OSRBLHH ASNAEB AFZLLQLL ICIKPYH ALNSFMZO AUIFRVQS CFVFGMJ YSOHNUL PPGWJHT LIYOAAY AJLOJYQY BAGOWPG FOOOXFT AIWPRTON CQZIJMB JQNTDMH PDNEJOH VPJTQWV AQTBCODX KRIJEBR UBHYZHQ RZHSUEW CPKTNWT XICWMD PGGOMOY SZCMAWO ZEIIVG YLTEICZ LLQPFBN IOWDLAC AFSNMSMW BTCDBCB JYSDSOD KVGYZQK ASBHGRB = Elvis BGLUAWML = Peds CIKGCGX MROEMZH BIFBUZZ AFPHULTL BEKKNQV BGKGTJH GUSNHDE RIPAZHA JHJOECW JUMPJET =Spawn Hydra KGGGDKP =Spawn Vortex Hovercraft JCNRUAD COXEFGU =Nitro All Cars Have Nitro BSXSGGC =Cars Float Away When Hit XJVSNAJ OFVIAC MGHXYRM CWJXUOC LFGMHAL BAGUVIX CVWKXAM AIYPWZQP YECGAA AEZAKMI LJSPQK IAVENJQ AEDUWNV IOJUFZN PRIEBJ MUNASEF WANRLTW OUIQDMW THGLOJ FVTMNBZ SJMAHPE BMTPWHR ZSOXFSQ OGXSDAG EHIBXQS VKYPQCF = Taxis NCSGDAG VQIMAHA OHDUDE AKJJYGLC AMOMHRER EEGCYXT URKQSRK AGBDLCID Return to the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Game.