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As she gained popularity, she was featured in numerous films, but it wasn’t until 2000 that she was cast in the aforementioned role in the massive hit entitled “American Psycho”, opposite Christian Bale.

Further down the road, she has appeared in a few more lesser roles in various films and TV shows, and even though she starred in only one film in 2017, she has had four roles in 2018 titles, two of which are in post-production.

of May 1970, in Williamsburg, New York State USA, Samantha “Sammy” Mathis is a 48-year-old Caucasian actress of part-Austrian descent, and is perhaps best known for landing the role of Courtney Rawlinson in Mary Harron’s crime drama entitled “American Psycho”, from 2000.

She has also had number of other lesser roles throughout her career, having been active in the sometimes lucrative acting business since 1988.

Catch it in theaters and On Demand and Digital HD now. It requires a certain level of disbelief to convince yourself you are becoming that person and that you would know how they would respond at any given moment. It really was my first movie and launched my career. It was a very different time for people in their teen years. Samantha Mathis as Nora Diniro in 1990's PUMP UP THE VOLUME. I always thought of that movie as a love letter to freedom in its own right, especially related to radio. I did a movie last year with Jim Gaffigan and Anna Gunn called and we premiered at the Austin film festival SXSW in the spring.

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has a pleasantly surprising amount of twists and sub-textual mysteries going on with in it to keep the most astute and demanding horror, thriller, and mystery fans engaged. I don't know that different genres are necessarily more challenging than the others. Theater is challenging in different ways than television or movies... At the end of the day, they all require you to be honest. That gets the best performances as well, in my opinion.

It will keep you asking questions and (if you're like me) really enjoying the twist at the end. That said, what initially attracted you to the Isabel role in ?

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