Saiyuki dating game

30-Mar-2020 15:34

Sanzo, Goku, Gojyo, and Hakkai are four unlikely heroes who journey to India to stop the resurrection of Gyumaoh, the demon king. It leaves you wondering what will happen next, and then, it just leaves you. Shimazu Toyohisa is mortally wounded after fighting Ii Naomasa in the Battle of Sekigahara, the decisive battle from 1600 that ushered in Japan’s Tokugawa Era.

As he exits the battlefield, Toyohisa finds himself in a room where a mysterious man sends him through a door and into another world.

Roger Ebert called it one of the most powerful World War II films of all time.

, a popular series that might be a good springboard for newcomers.

What’s interesting is that the series started off an an otome game, otherwise known as a dating sim, that taught the history of the Shinsengumi under guise of a romance tale. Studio Ghibli’s 1988 critically acclaimed masterpiece is a tearjerker.

The game begins at a small Buddhist temple in China, where Lady Kannon, one of the guardians of heaven, appears to the young monk Sanzo.

At Kannon's request, the monk (the player can choose a male or a female) embarks on a holy quest to gather and bring the other five guardians to the Thunder Temple in India.

Toyohisa comes to meet other “Drifters,” legendary warriors plucked from history to battle the Ends of this other magical world.

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These legendary warriors include a handful of Japan’s legends as well as Hannibal, The Wild Bunch, and Hitler.

However, such a thing is much easier said than done.

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