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17-Aug-2020 13:38

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Sometimes a bib fails to record, but, for the most part, race officials can create a rough picture of every runner’s progress from start to finish.Data is preserved online, creating an archive that can be analyzed after the fact.It might make sense to cheat for a Boston Marathon victory, but why cut corners in smaller, less-important races with no prize money or fame at stake?

Tipped off by friends, he visited the site.“I didn’t even know it existed before then,” he says.Race officials often place time-lapse and video cameras along the course; this visual record occasionally shows a runner mysteriously disappearing for a stretch or inexplicably leap-frogging ahead.“You look for something that really jumps out,” Murphy says.“If someone’s throwing down a five-minute mile in the middle of a marathon, that catches your attention.”His Marathon Investigation site began documenting allegations against scores of runners.“I coached thousands and thousands of kids from grammar school to college,” he says.

“It was fun because I got to run with them.”Lalo Diaz, a longtime friend and fellow coach, notes that Loyola has produced a string of state champions, including Robert Brandt, Elias Gedyon and David Torrence, who later competed at the college and elite level.“So when Frank is training with them, he’s training with some of the best runners Los Angeles has ever seen,” Diaz says. that’s who.”Former Loyola athlete Scott Dominguez, now an L. County deputy district attorney, recalls that every day at practice in the mid-1990’s, “Dr. running at the front of the pack.”For many years, Meza focused on 10Ks and trail runs.Records show Mesa took about 3 ½ hours to finish marathons at first.

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