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At eleven they’re starting to play football or baseball and you’re afraid they might get hurt with a piece of equipment.

The first rules of your household should reflect your core values, structure, and moral authority. For example, people don’t abuse people in this household. That may mean calling in if they decide to sleep over at someone’s house. Related content: “I’m 18 — You Can’t Tell Me What to Do! The most important part of having rules with older children is the discussion that establishes those rules. And you should write everything down that you agree to so that everything is clear. If your kid threatens you or gets violent in response, I recommend that you call the police.

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There’s a thin line between enabling your kids and being supportive of them.

Many kids don’t give a darn in high school, aren’t ready for a better job, and they resent the fact that they have to work at Mc Donald’s, 7-11, or some other starting out position. When my son went to college, one of the biggest shocks he had was when we started to refer to his room as the guest room.

So they avoid doing it and think they’re better than that. I remember him saying: “But that’s my room.” We said: We said it with love and kindness, but we wanted him to see his role in a different way. For parents who are very anxious and have a lot of fears about their kids, this sounds like a difficult thing to say. But it’s really the best thing to say because you need to let these kids know that they have to start to make it on their own.

And when things come out wrong, these kids often view themselves as victims.