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01-Jul-2020 01:40

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Half of them tell you that you need to “get out more” and “try harder” and the other half tell you that you need to “stop trying” because “you always meet someone when you’re not looking,” leaving you even more confused and frustrated than you were to begin with.

And all of the articles on the Internet telling you that being single is oh-so-awesome feel like a pack of lies.

So what follows are some rules that I have constructed, many of which are based on extensive research, that have helped me genuinely embrace singledom instead of viewing it as a personality dysfunction. And for more amazing advice on the subject, be sure you know the 20 Signs You’re Afraid of Being Alone.

Yes, you’re alone, but you’re not alone in being alone. The average age of marriage is now 27.1 for women and 29.2 for men, up from 20.3 and 22.8 in 1950.

Which means that, at the very least, there won’t be such a social stigma around it anymore.

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Chris Rock has a great joke about this, in which he says that “You’re either married and bored, or single and lonely.

And the approach to marriage among Millennials is very different than Baby Boomers.

In previous generations, marriage was the first step into adulthood.

I’m 29 years-old, and while by many accounts I have what is considered to be an incredible life, the bane of my existence is that I don’t know how to be single.

When my father asks me how I’m doing, I tell him about the great job I have, my amazing apartment, my sparkling social life, my exciting travels, and he listens attentively before finally responding, “OK, but why can’t you find yourself a man?The lives of those whose parents stayed together probably wasn’t a picnic either, as many of us know what it’s like to grow up in a household that resembled a perpetual war zone.

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