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So I just kept my nose down and kept working, and isolated my private life.’ The actress, who has starred in Scream, Grindhouse and Conan The Barbarian, added that Hollywood has lots of ‘invisible rules’, saying: ‘Hollywood is not a particularly progressive place.’ However, Rose believes that while the industry may not be that open-minded, the public would not have a problem with people of different sexualities and gender identities on screen.Rose was in a relationship with promoter and nightclub owner Brett Cantor until his murder in 1993; she later dated and became engaged to Marilyn Manson, before breaking it off in 2001.“I refuse to have his name in my book.” Instead she refers to him as “the Studio Head,” “the Monster” or “the Pig Monster.” She also details — in a now sadly familiar tale — her allegations that her first business meeting with him suddenly took a horrifying turn when he forced her into his “Jacuzzi room” and performed oral sex on her against her will. He paid her 0,000, as the New York Times reported, and she believes blacklisted her from the industry. One involves a kissing scene she was supposed to have with the actor Freddy Rodriguez.Mc Gowan claims the director was so possessive, he shaved his facial hair in the same pattern as the actor so he could do the scene instead.Some of what she discloses — including allegations against Harvey Weinstein — she has discussed before, but seeing the anecdotes all in one place has a startling effect. She says she is on the other side of all that now, though, and finally in a good place.Here is a look at some of the surprising revelations from the book.She was born into a cult Mc Gowan’s parents were living in Italy with the Children of God when she was born in 1973.She remembers it as the first but not last cult she was a part of, because she believes Hollywood is its own sect, with its powerful men as the leaders.

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“By now we all know the Monster’s name, but I have made a choice not to use it,” she writes. She has some truly terrible stories about his jealousy and erratic behavior.

The actress was then believed to have accepted director Robert Rodriguez’s proposal in 2007, before their split the following year.