Romantic relationships not dating

01-Jul-2020 02:37

In a relationship, I’m always wondering if I’m doing “it” right.I always worry that my partner isn’t happy because I’m not happy.For me, realizing that I’m not obligated to be, nor interested in, romantic relationships was one of the best feelings in the world.What are your relationships like as an aromantic person?I wanted to know how I could deal with those issues.

A person of many interests, they currently live in Missouri with their father and two dogs, Greta and Jake.

For the first time, I realize that passionate friendships and queerplatonic relationships are possible.

I realize that I’m not cold or heartless just because I can’t do the whole relationship thing.

I rarely cried, or if I did, I cried because I knew how bad I’d hurt them.

Even then, I was generally so relieved to be out of that situation that I was happy soon after. It was only after several incidents where my exes tried to “get back at me” that I realized that not everyone felt relief when a relationship ended.

Now that I’m able to live openly as an aromantic person, it’s much better.

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