Robert downey jr dating list

27-Oct-2019 13:18

“Because Robert’s never known what it means to be happy, it’s not such a sore spot with him. He’s done the best that he can and recognizes that something is missing, but he can’t necessarily put his finger on it…

I think that it’s also the pain that he is in and it’s been with him for a long time.

At one of his apartments, Downey continued to lose the key and disrupting the landlord at four in the morning until he finally made him move out.

At one point, Robert Downey Jr was making million a year, but his irrational spending and drug habits caught up with him.

Robert Downey Jr said he’d, “spend every night out getting drunk [and] making a thousand phone calls in pursuit of drugs.” His father gave him (Downey Jr) the joint as a joke and recognized it immediately as a terrible and stupid mistake.

While he was awaiting trial, he wandered into his neighbor’s house in Malibu, stripped to his underwear, and curled up into the empty bed the neighbors’ 11yo son.

When he was discovered, the neighbor thought her son had fallen asleep early only to discover a man in the bed she did not recognize (at the time).

Robert Downey Sr gave his son a small role in at the age of five – Downey Jr played a sick puppy; then, at the age of six, Downey Sr.

gave his son marijuana to try, or as his son would later put it, “[T]here was always a lot of pot and coke around…His father echoed the sentiment, telling that, “I’m glad he’s alive.” In 1993, Downey married Deborah Falconer and together they welcomed the birth of their son, Indio.