Riga latvia dating russian

09-Apr-2020 22:21

have the prettiest faces among all women in Europe.Also, according to a largest ever study of women’s height around the world, Latvian women are considered to be the tallest on the planet.If you’re coming into the country by bus, you’ll be greeted by a beautiful coastline of the Baltic Sea and the twists and turns of forests lining up the country.Coming into Riga directly from the airport you’ll see some Soviet-style architecture intermingled with Hanseatic German old town vibes and some modernist concrete mini-jungles.The Russians in Riga are more cheerful and less closed off than in Estonia.If you’re doing business with Russians in Riga, be careful as there is a slight scamming element, especially since there are so many tourists.They have this tall, slim Nordic/Slavic mix of a look with cute but not perfect faces.There’s a small hipster element present, especially apparent in bars, but girls are generally normal.

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The Latvian population itself is small at just under 2 million, and technically even smaller at 1.2 million if you only count ethnic Latvians.

This makes their personalities more pleasant to deal with. Unlike their Estonian sisters, they don’t feel as compelled to ally with the “Nordic” mentality or be a modern overachiever.

They’re intelligent and well-read but seem to have a bit of a submission to fate that actually makes them feel more feminine.

You can find somewhat religious girls, usually in 2 tier cities, where sex is slower.

Less religious girls seem to be in Riga, but there seems to be a mix of fast and slow as well.

Your mileage may vary and you may prefer the locals.