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26-Jan-2020 19:07

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That doesn’t mean that I’m working from sun up to sun down, but it means I’ve divided my day in such a way that I’ve created the space to get the things done that are really important.What makes time-blocking so effective is that while your calendar may free time.In order to make sure that the correct information gets into your task manager, you need to make sure you answer a couple of questions when entering your tasks: The key to managing your task manager together with your calendar is to review it at least once a week to make sure everything that should be on your calendar is there.That’s the time to go through your projects and see which tasks need attention, which can be deleted, and which ones get promoted to the calendar.One of the most important time blocks you can create is for focus time.Focus time is important because if you don’t make the time for it, it will probably never happen.

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The principle here is that your calendar is much like your finances, and just like every dollar needs a job so does every hour of your day.Maintaining your task manager is very important because you will rely on this information when planning your days and weeks on your calendar.In general, you’ll use your task manager to plan the work that you want to do but most of these items won’t actually end up on your calendar.How productive you are is largely a result of the personal productivity systems that you’ve decided to implement.

These systems are both independent and interdependent, so it’s important that you know how they are connected.Frequently, I’ll set aside 2-3 hours to work on a focused task (like writing this article) and find that because I’m mentally prepared to dive in and work on it I’ll actually finish it sooner than I anticipated.

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