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26-Sep-2019 23:42

To do this, many or all of the products featured here are from our partners. The federal rule, also known as Reg D, comes from the Federal Reserve Board and puts a limit of six transactions per month on certain transfers and withdrawals from your savings or money market account.

If you go over the limit, the bank or credit union can charge you a fee, close your account or convert it into a checking account.

These transfers include, but are not limited to, POS and ATM transfers, direct deposits or withdrawals, telephone transfers, and transfers initiated through a debit card transaction.

Section 205.4 General disclosure requirements; jointly offered services States that a financial institution may combine the disclosure information required by the regulation with that required by other laws such as the Truth in Lending Act or the Truth in Savings Act as long as it is clear and understandable and is in a written form that consumers can keep.

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Section 205.8 Change-in-terms notice; error-resolution notice States that if there are adverse changes in fees, the consumer's liability, types of transfers available, or limits on transfers, the institution must provide a change-in-terms notice at least twenty-one days before the changes take effect.

Section 205.7 Initial disclosures Requires financial institutions to provide to consumers initial disclosures of the terms and conditions of EFT services.

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