Refinance loan finance debt consolidating

20-Feb-2020 17:06

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Debt consolidation is the process of merging multiple debts into one, commonly with a credit card balance transfer, home equity loan or debt consolidation loan.

Consolidating your debt could help you save money if you are able to get a lower interest rate on your debt, and could simplify the amount of payments you make per month.

Any one of these could be manageable on its own, but together...

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This is because you may be turning short term debts into long-term debts, and thus paying more interest over time.Some debt consolidation loans have fixed interest rates and monthly payments.And, unlike secured loans, unsecured debt consolidation loans do not require you to use your possessions as security. Many lenders offer them, including Marcus by Goldman Sachs. This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for individualized professional advice.Your rate is fixed with a Marcus personal loan, so you’ll know exactly how much you owe each month and when your loan will be paid off. Getting out of debt is a multi-step process that could include making changes to how you spend and save.

If you’re not sure how you accumulated so much debt in the first place, consolidating won’t do anything to change your spending behavior.

However, this strategy must make financial sense where the cost of the new loan including fees and interest is less than what you are currently paying on all your debts.