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I know I lived through this to teach others how to heal similar patterns. Now instead of looking back in anger, I look back in gratitude.Now I understand that the soul and energetic connection I still share with this person exists to remind me to trust myself and my intuitive gifts and to always fall back to unconditional love. If I could still feel love for a person that I shared all that pain with, I could love anyone, and most of all I could love and forgive myself. And I’ve even been able to embrace the psychic connection we still have as a way of validating my intuition and remembering that peace IS love.I know our souls chose one another out of pure love to be each others’ teachers before we came into these bodies and I was able to detach from the “story” or the “drama” to see things from a higher perspective. He was and continues to be the best romantic teacher I’ve ever met and my entire business was catalyzed after this experience.I started to do guided meditations to soul link, to have conversations soul to soul without needing to pick up the phone. In fact, I have a serious of videos coming out all about toxic love (and narcissists) and how to heal from it.These are small glimpses into our deeper undercurrent of crazy, and if you don't know what you're looking for, you might miss them.So, in the interest of informing ourselves, I asked a few of my girlfriends what the biggest red flags are – even in the first few dates – that let you know it's just not going to work out in the long term.1.Unless he’s trying to keep his lies undercover, there’d be no reason to not be open and honest with you.

My UPDATE is at the end of the article on how I’ve moved forward since this EPIC breakup, but first let’s reminisce…*** Ahh, that lusty look that makes you crumble into a helpless pile of dirt. If he’s doing any of the above or you catch wind of questionable texts (particularly from nameless, unsaved numbers), WAKE UP, GIRLFRIEND. And if he gets defensive when you ask him what he’s doing, even more reason to run for your life before he crushes your delicate little corazon. When you wonder why he hasn’t texted or called in a week and you ask, he either completely avoids your question by changing the subject or says he’s been “really busy”.***Author’s Note: This article was written almost a year ago after a MAJORLY painful betrayal and heartbreak – the most painful to date. The Epic Player is in a category all his own; one that remains consistently douche-baggy until the end. P.) 2) He has a history of being in “complicated” relationships. So I’m just gonna lacksadasically toss out the “It’s Complicated” and slickly change the subject so you drop it.” And then he grins and gives you that ‘I-just-stripped-you-naked-with-my-eyes-and-liked-it’ look and you completely forget what you asked him in the first place. He’s got strategy like a mom waiting in line for entry to Walmart to buy a Tickle Me Elmo in the 90’s. I’m gonna turn off the phone with the number YOU have for a week and not respond. He may even tell you about his casual sex-capades like a passing joke (when really it’s just his inflated insecurities trying to be passed off as humor). And a man not taking any responsibility or accountability for his part in the ending of a relationship is a major RED FLAG of emotional unavailability…the KEY component of the E. If he’s exhibiting any of the above behaviors, then you better believe he wouldn’t need privacy unless he’s lying to you.This article was my heartfelt plea and a source of self-healing at the time (speaking out my truth) to help guide other women left feeling wounded, confused and abandoned in the dust by these types of men was inspired by a mix of memories from the variety of Epic Players (of MANY nationalities…I traveled the world and found them everywhere) I’ve had the great opportunity to encounter and learn from over the years. No woman will ever make up for his super-duper lack of self-esteem. But I’ll be dumb enough to email you with a signature that says Metro PCS instead of My i Phone. He’s trying to build himself up like a winner, because his loser tendencies would turn you off. loves to brag about how he’s a lady killer, because he wants to make you jealous and he’ll play on your vulnerability just enough to get you to cling to him or fight harder to make him yours. There may also be the occasional 1am text message when he accidentally left his ringer on (Oops! Sorry stud, but nobody work-related is texting you past midnight and your guy friends are probably drunk and passed out, so it’s not them either. (The letter “H” to be precise, when he sloppily sent me a screen-shot of a text he had sent me.We all have some baggage and if we’re able to speak about it candidly in a trustworthy environment, then I’m all for it. Or write an article about it and publish it for the public to read 🙂 Either way, you’ll be helping yourself and/or women just like you to save themselves the EPIC HEARTBREAK that follows the E. I hadn’t spoken up about it because I was embarassed and humiliated about what had happened and feared being judged.

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But if the guy has more baggage than the luggage carousels at JFK airport during Christmas Break, you’re probably better off without him. If I’m such a great intuitive, how the hell did I fall for this? Well, two days after publishing the article, I ended up with a FULL-BLOWN case of tonsillitis and then laryngitis.9) He takes your kind gestures and giving nature for granted. My acupunturist explained to me how such a tremendous release of energy in my throat chakra led to an explosion which turned into an upper respiratory infection.