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26-Sep-2019 18:38

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You should not, necessarily, turn down other caring people's attempts at helping you to overcome your loneliness or sorrow even if it's soon after the breakup.

It can be helpful because it takes you outside yourself.- You don't want any sex at all, just a new friend with potential.

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It may help you feel better about yourself and prevent you from falling into grief or despair.Even after the so-called relationship is ended, you could find yourself being stalked.Most of the time, rebound relationships just can't be good things.It can, but only as long as you make sure that you, and your rebound guy or rebound girl, know precisely what you're doing and why you're doing it.

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Over 90% of pre-marital dating relationships end in 'failure', anyway.

Another problem with rebound dating is that if you do it knowingly, or if you just don't care if you're doing it or not, you could set yourself up to be raped.