Radgrid not updating after databind

13-Aug-2020 20:47

This is unlike the Rad Tree View control which supports different number of sub-items on each level - the equivalent in thiscase is Rad Tree List control that allows you to have variable number of nested sub-tables in each level. Item Data Bound and Item Created event handler allows you to manipulate the controls and the values of each cell in Rad Grid. This means that with standard hierarchy, in each level of hierarchy, all items will have an equal number of details tables (one orseveral in the same level).In order to overcome this you need to save the grouping state before a databinding event and then restore it after the grid is databound.This help article describes seven common mistakes that customers make using Rad Grid and offers solutions to the problems. In this case, no View Stateis required for the grid structure to be persisted because it is recreated on each page initialization.

The differences between those two events is discussed thoroughly in this topic.

Page Size = 15; Grid Bound Column bound Column; bound Column = new Grid Bound Column(); bound Column.

Need Data Source, New Grid Need Data Source Event Handler(Address Of Me.

Unlike the Data Grid/Grid Viewcontrol, Rad Grid supports the Edit Forms feature that is set by default.

You should note the following about searching for controls in an item that is in edit mode.

The more difficult and error-prone task is creating the structure programmatically.