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I am not sure if she belongs to very closed circles or just very selective where she's hanging out; i have never seen her at any lesbian gatherings in LA. Alex has hosted the 'Be Scene' at Dinah Shore 2 years running.

So I think r33 is right about her acting jobs coming from her connection to Ellen. I didn't notice her acting being that bad in the L Word (then again everyone's acting was appalling).[quote] Considering Hedison is a crap actress, [R32], do you think she would have got any acting jobs if she hadn't become known through her relationship with Ellen.

Shelley spent three years in Malta as a child before attending school in Huntingdon.

After graduating from the University of Sheffield with a B. Hons in English and Drama in 1992, she joined a local theatre company in Edinburgh and set up a community theatre company in Sheffield before moving to London to further her acting career.

In 2012 and early 2013, she played the recurring role of Yvonne Rippon, a police superintendent who had a relationship with established character Nick Jordan, in popular BBC medical drama Casualty. Shelley lives in Notting Hill, London with her partner since 1995, Matthew Parkhill, who is a TV writer, director and producer.

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They have a daughter named Eden, born September 8, 2009.Shelley is perhaps best known for playing Helena Peabody in the Showtime series The L Word.