Rachel dating game walkthrough

11-Feb-2020 15:20

Talk to Patrick -Ask if you can borrow his phone -Tell him to be careful of Frank -Ask him how he’s hiding his booze from Frank 11. Talk to Katherine -Ask if she can hack phones -Ask if she can spoof messages 36. Wait for Katherine to go to the Laptop, then ask her to send a series of fake messages -Ask to fake text “tell cute guy about wet dream”, then wait for Rachel to come talk to you -Ask her to fake text “take your shirt off”, wait for it to happen 39. The router is on the top left shelf of the cupboard in the Study. You can finish Katherine’s story in the same playthrough as Rachel’s story, so I recommend to do it that way as the Cellphone Jammer can be annoying.

Talk to Madison -Ask for Vicki Vixon’s number -Tell her Ashley wants to talk to her 33. Talk to Madison, make sure Rachel is not nearby -Get Vicky Vixon’s number 35. Go back to Katherine -Ask her to fake text “flash the cute guy”, find Rachel and follow her outside -Ask her to faxe text “dance in your bikini”, wait for Rachel to finish dancing -Ask her to fake text “get naked for cute guy for 30 secs”, find Rachel and follow her outside -Ask her to fake text “get naked and touch herself”, go hide in the closet in the spare room (or don’t, whatever) -Finally, ask her to fake text “bang the cute guy”, and follow Rachel to the Master Bedroom. You can skip the Cellphone Jammer steps if you use the steps from Rachels guide to get Katherine upstairs into the Study, and the Stephanie and Britney guide to get Britney downstairs.

Get Madison’s Diary from the safe in the closet in the Master Bedroom. Go talk to Ashley, tell her she looks like her sister 6. Get Madison’s Diary from the safe in the closet in the Master Bedroom. Get the Bathroom Skeleton Key from the kitchen bench 6.

Wait till Ashley is not feeling well, then tell Madison that Ashley wants to talk to her (this is just to make sure Madison sees the prank) 18. You can complete Rachel’s Story but you lose your unlimited succi succ agreement with Ashley. Get Madison’s Diary from the safe in the closet in the Master Bedroom 5. Make sure Ashley is not around, and ask Madison for a reward 7. Give Madison’s Diary to Ashley, then ask her to let you wash her clothes and wait for her to go to her bedroom. Get Ashley’s Clothes off her and ask if there’s anything else she needs. Give Katherine the water, get undressed, get laid 24. That’s as far as Britney’s Story goes at the moment.

Talk to Frank -Ask what he thinks of Katherine -Ask if you can take the Empty Vodka Bottle -Tell him he’s guarding the booze 9.

Get 6 bottles of Nutty Lite -One behind a couch in the living room -One behind a speaker in the party room -One on a shelf in the garage -One on a high shelf on the left as you walk into Master Bedroom -One behind the hamper in the Upstairs Guest Bathroom -One behind the desk in the Study 2. Pick up Kettle from Pantry with ‘the hand’ (ctrl key) and put it on the Stove 4. Get Mystery Key from left end of the Mantle above the fire in the party room 6. Inspect Empty Vodka Bottle on the table next to Frank 8.

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There are often a few clicks of dialogue in between menus (or you can use the Auto feature by clicking the word “Auto” in the lower right corner.) What happens during these dates is for you to find out on your own.

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You need to activate Adobe's Flash Player to play this game. Click the or -icon top left in the Chrome address bar.

I plan on making more visual novels in the future (hopefully less shitpost-y and actually have a save function lol) and it would mean a lot if you guys would support me if you enjoyed this game, the best way to support me would be to share this game with your friends! credits: Please unzip the file into a folder if you're having trouble opening the game.

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