Quality center error while updating views

04-Nov-2020 09:40

With the Status field highlighted, the right-hand pane will display the transition rules section.Select Add, and add in the transition rules for each status change.As you might have seen on the Quality Center UI (User Interface), Login to Quality Center consists of two steps: 1. On Successful Authentication all the Domains and Projects appears in the below drop down In the same way QC connection using VBA is also done in 2 steps: First Authenticate your credentials (User ID and Password) Then connect to QC using Domain and Project names. TDConnection") 'Initialise the Quality center connection td Connection.Init Connection Ex qc URL 'Authenticating with username and password td Connection.Summary: The BG_CLOSING_DATE field is useful for the date that the defect was last set to Closed (as distinct from the date the defect was last Modified.This field can be used directly in the Defects grid view.An examination of the defect history of the non-matches shows that the reason for the differences is due to defects that have been Closed, subsequently reopened, and then Closed again.The BG_CLOSING_DATE field appears to update with the date that the defect was last set to Closed.

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First Test: do I only have Closed defects with a BG_CLOSING_DATE field completed? I have two defects that are not yet Closed that have dates set.

Second Test: do the dates match between the SQL query and the Defects module extract?