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PUMA cutlers have produced some of the world’s finest barbers’ razors, professional knives, table knives, shears, scissors, dagger and swords for the army – both functional and decorative.

Puma Germany is the original label made in Solingen.

Today, almost 250 years ago, they still manufacture blades and cutlery in top handmade quality under the brand name PUMA Germany.

The PUMA IP knife range introduces a new exiting look that PUMA customers were looking for.1967 – Renate von Frankenberg becomes the General Manager of PUMA®-Werk 1969 – Much of the PUMA® factory is destroyed by fire. 1986 – Oswald von Frankenberg and Ludwigsdorf dies, leaving a healthy and growing company behind.1991 – PUMA®-Werk is sold to the Hindrichs family of Solingen.1995 – Harald Lauer becomes Managing Director of PUMA®-Werk. PUMA’s modern history began in 1947 when Baron von Frankenberg, son-in-law f one of the famous Lauterjung brothers, took over the management of the firm and decided to specialize in pocket-, utility- and sporting knives for hunters. In the 90s the company used new production methods e.g. In the last years the company extended their product line.

Over time the company changed their production from pocket – and household knives to functional knives e.g. In the 50s PUMA developed some of their most popular hunting products in history (see below “Famous Knives”). The labels “IP” and “TEC” were added to the traditional PUMA knives from Germany.

The PUMA name has achieved great significance and memorability as a trademark with the sharp teeth of the cat symbolic of the sharp cutting edge of a PUMA knife.