Ptr not updating records in dns

05-Mar-2020 00:35

Because of its purpose, a PTR record is sometimes called Reverse DNS Record.

The purpose of a PTR record is mostly administrative - it shows an IP is in fact used with a particular domain.

M confused between the two options i.e ddns updates in dhcp option n dns update option in dns grid properties.

Should we keep the dns update option as any or i have to enable ddns update in dhcp option as well as the permanent solution....

There are two other DNS records that can be helpful in getting your mail through: Caller-ID and SPF.

These are records you can add to your own d NS and they help prevent people masquerading as your mail server.

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The IP addresses used on a Cloud or a Dedicated server are reserved for that particular server, and since you will be the sole occupant, they can be linked to your domains.

I added DC ip in updates section in dns grid properties and the logs was appearing as denied from all the client machines and the dynamic records was not updated .

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