Propertygrid not updating

12-Sep-2020 09:14

propertygrid not updating-85

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After that, property grid is not updating when a new item becomes selected in List Box (it remains empty).

However, if I assign a new instance of "Person" to Selected Object in source code, it is working, so it seems, that WPF data binding is broken in this situation somehow...

You can use the [Refresh Properties] Attribute to trigger updates to the Property Grid.

The Convert From method doesn't get called, any clues why?

I tried to reproduce the described behavior on my side, but I am afraid I was not able to.

Maybe you can help me with this: I am using a simple List Box, populating some instances of a test class "Person".

Everything seems to work fine, until I set null to Selected Object.

What I can suggest is opening a new support ticket and attaching the project there.

Additionally, if you can provide steps, which I can follow in order to reproduce the described behavior, I will be able to better assist you.

So is there a way to get the Property Grid to refresh from Property Changed events?