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29-Aug-2020 20:50

"As a Christian, do you clearly understand why young-earth creationists believe that a billions-of-years-old earth is incompatible with the Bible? Yet, there are major theological problems with positions that reject the literal six-day creation week of Genesis 1-2." First, most Christians who hold to an old-earth view DON'T reject the literal six-day creation week of Genesis 1-2.That is a false allegation by Answers In Genesis (AIG).Rather, old-earthers teach that death has ruled our planet from the beginning."The plain truth of the matter is that MOST Christian old-earthers (such as myself), DO in fact believe the literal account of a 6-day creation in Genesis.I believe that God created the Garden of Eden, with animals and Adam and Eve, who lived in peace and harmony without violence nor any afflictions until sin came into the picture.Ezekiel -19 teaches that Lucifer was stripped of his heavenly position, authority and glory when he rebelled against God in seeking equality. It is commonly believed (and I disagree) that Satan in his anger and rage destroyed the earth.In fact (and you're about to be amazed), God destroyed the earth in His own anger.The old-earth view held by most Christians is NOT evolution.

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The Bible teaches that God destroyed the world in His anger (Jeremiah -28).

I certainly don't believe that God progressively created anything.

God created the universe by the Word of His mouth (2nd Peter 3:5).

In a ridiculous article authored by Paul Taylor and Mark Van Bebber of Answers In (AIG) titled, Six Days or Billions of Years... , they reveal their woeful ignorance (or intentional dishonestly) of what old-earthers believe and what the Bible actually teaches.

They begin their article by asserting that there are two major theological problems with an old-earth view...Before man's creation, earth's animal world is subjected to violent earthquakes, lethal floods, deadly hurricanes, massive extinctions, vicious predators, and pestilence.

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