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27-Nov-2019 23:23

This brings me to the second point: apart from being gamed by these marriage agencies, there’s also the risk of being gamed by the women themselves.Actually, Ukrainian (and Russian) women are known for being experts in manipulation.This type of manipulation can start small and innocent.It can initially take the form of financial help, maybe as low as one hundred dollars or as high as several hundred dollars.If she gets that, she may ask for more and more things until you draw the line and refuse.Even if you refuse, she might use guilt into getting you to do additional things for her.The moral of the story is that grass isn’t particularly greener on the other side and that many things can go wrong when a wealthy Western man tries to marry a not so wealthy, but very attractive Eastern European woman.

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But just like with any full-service arrangement, there are various risks that you must take into account.(As someone who’s been living in Ukraine for five years, I definitely confirm this and tell you that it’s absolutely true.)Ukrainian women are experts at extracting resources from men like oil companies are experts at extracting oil from the ground.Part of it is because they’re very beautiful and sexy and they know that men are crazy about them—especially those men who’re willing to travel abroad in order to court and seduce them.I know a dating agency here in Kiev that charges you every time a woman opens and reads the man’s message.

Another agency charges when someone sends a guys message.

The way it works is that if a woman feels like you’re valuing her very high because you’re always doing things for and are afraid to voice your concerns or even say something negative about her, she will keep asking for more and more things.