Prerecorded webcam shows dating to save

26-Apr-2020 00:48

They must have a staff of guys responding around the clock and clicking that camdecoy software.That popup ad bot they use on chat sites and in advertising popups takes you to Streamate so that's probably what they are referring to by "marketing experiment". I'm really surprised they pay that moneytree affiliate though - maybe it's a dummy one?Then there is a fake twitter acct for her with like 9k followers that says nothing but stuff like "about to get naked in cam come see me lol" "I love getting naked on cam mmmm lol" "cum see me for free you're crazy not to".I've even tweeted the account and asked why I'm always getting spammed about her from people and gotten no response.Streamate has to be fully aware it seems to me, because the comments from a lot of viewers clearly state that it's a recording, and I know for a fact that comments are approved by Streamate before they show.

That isn't the only one either - there are several running that software and being staffed almost 24/7 - Brooke Z is one and another one I can't recall are recordings too.

Yeah I get spammed constantly on twitter about "omg loved she show last night and it's free!

" with a link to her ro with a moneytree affiliate link of course not a cammodels link.

Be prepared to upload to You Tube if it doesn't play correctly.

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You Tube is highly recommended because it is encoded correctly.It's a bunch of fake bs I don't see how whoever is getting away with it is.

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