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Cast: Stolen Kisses The third in a series of films featuring François Truffaut's alter-ego, Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Léaud), the story resumes with Antoine being discharged from military service. Stream Online Wild Reeds At a boarding school in the south of France, timid student Francois (Gaël Morel) discovers his latent homosexuality when he enters into an erotic relationship with farm boy Serge (Jacques Nolot). C'est la Vie In 1950s France, teenage Frederique (Julie Bataille) and her younger sister, Sophie (Candice Lefranc), are enjoying their summer vacation at a seaside villa, cared for by their nanny.

Xavier told me the story before and he told me that he wanted me to play Fred, so I was wondering how he would write it. I didn’t know Xavier – I had just met him once, briefly, in Cannes.

SC: It changed a lot in every way possible – also because he didn’t star in this movie.

He was much more of a leader for everybody, the crew as well. With the actors, he wants them to do something that they’ve never done before, so that they will bring something new to the work.

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My character, instead of listening to the story, she was on coke – so she just wants to be really wild and have a good time like they’ve always had, and be this wild person that she can be with him.A lot of people have talked about the length of this film – was that something that worried either of you, or do you feel it needs to be this length? So when we find them again, ten years later, we can understand that this intimacy is still there – the [relationship] is dead, but you can remember what was going on.