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01-Oct-2019 12:00

As it unfurls steadily, slowly revealing new offshoot scenarios that can affect or avoid the central relationship dynamic, builds intrigue.

Aside from some declarations of love, and some shoulder stroking, it is as yet unclear just how much sexual contact the two men of this quartet, Tahl and Michael, engage in.

Meanwhile, the more Jen reveals, the more mind-boggling her participation in this whole thing is.

Looking like an exact mix of Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph who's always about to cry and who wears her relative frigidity on her sleeve (or, in the case of the scene above, around her neck as represented by a scarf), she is a stick in the mud (but not the butt).

She is as infuriating as she is fascinating.-esque sex aside, you could create a drinking game that would get you so bombed as to consider polyamory yourself (if you haven't already) from just taking a shot every time someone says something that was spawned from and exists only in this universe (Kamala: "When Michael said that I was acting monogamous, I was like, who are you talking about? The tangles keep tangling, and the ways that these lives deviate and intersect with society's idea of normal relationships keep spiraling.

As Anthony explains, "The problem isn't so much that I'm not the marriage type; marriage isn't my type.

Given that this show is (potentially) pretty huge with regard to public perception and awareness of poly relationships, I think it’s worth a blog post.

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As Tahl explains in the video above, "Jen and I have our rules.

That said, it was a damn entertaining show for someone as horrible as myself.