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Poly * Polyamory * Committed Non Monogamy * Ethical Swinging * Open Relationships * Multi-Partner Relationships * Swingers and Emotional Connections * Everyone has the right to marry and love whom they choose without limits as long as they are responsible adults! Thank you for your interest in South Florida Polyamory.polyamorous Ethical Non-Monogamy Alternative Lifestyles Open Relationships Improving Relationships Polyamourous Women What is Polyamory?Welcome to Poly Conscious South Florida• This group is for those interested in POLYAMORY - for those who are experienced in polyamory, for those new to the field and exploring, for those who are curious, and for those in relationship with someone who identifies as 'polyamorous' - in south Florida (counties of Monroe/Keys, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, Saint Lucie, Indian River, Okeechobee, Glades, and Hendry).• It is open to all ages, all sexual orientations, all relationship styles, all experience levels.Poly is different from swinging or “wife swapping” it is about more than just having sex with other partners outside of the core relationship.Many people are under the impression that being in a poly relationship is simply about sex, but that isn’t necessarily the case.Polyamory relationships are when both partners are in a committed and consensual non-monogamous relationship.That means one or either partner can see other people outside of the relationship.

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This group is for polyamorous people to meet and discuss topics relevant to us, to socialize and network, and to create long-lasting friendships with others living a poly lifestyle.Can you relate to or are you involved in any of the following below? If you're a conventional family, in an open relationship, open marriage, single, a couple, a group, polyamorous, into polyfidelity or anything else, you can find your perfect match for family outings, traditional dating, polyamory dating and more.