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15-Nov-2020 11:31

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To display today’s date, you only need to provide a mask, no timestamp, as the timestamp argument will default to the value of , the date will be adjusted, resulting in a time that falls during .So if your server or script timezone is set to a timezone in the Western Hemisphere, any invalid timestamps will end up displayed as some incarnation of .Luckily, electronics have been on a steady move toward 64-bit systems that can handle dates up to over 200 billion years in the future, but it’s not unlikely that some 32-bit systems will still be in use when 2038 rolls around even if their manufacture has slowed (or likely stopped). If you’re trying to pass a perfectly valid date that falls before or later than to your PHP script, chances are you’ll see this Epoch error, because the server can’t handle that timestamp. Likewise, in the Eastern Hemisphere, the date falls on or after the Epoch, resulting in a returned value of .The concept of the Unix Epoch as the basis for time is causing some issues as we get deeper into the new millennium.So while I can’t answer what’s wrong in your specific code, I can tell you why it is happening.In PHP, the date function takes in a Unix timestamp, then formats it according to the format mask you provide.

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You need to import the namespace to use Carbon without having to provide its fully qualified name each time.

// Once the references panel is open, you can use the search field to // filter the list or click the ( Some examples are static snippets, some other are editable (when there is a top right hand corner expand button).

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