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If the website or webpage truly does not have an author, substitute the title of the page for the author in the in-text citation and reference list entry (see this post on missing reference pieces for examples of how to do this). The copyright date on the website itself should not be used as the publication date for particular content on that site.

If multiple dates are provided, use the most recent date on which the content was changed.

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The short answer is that in most cases no, you do not put the URL in the text of the paper.

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To clarify the document type, you can also specify the format in brackets after the title.

It can be confusing to determine who the author of a website or webpage is.

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Because you’re citing specific information, you will need to write a regular APA Style author–date citation.Note that the title of the website or webpage should be italicized in the reference list if the work on the page stands alone but not italicized if it is part of a greater whole (if this is ambiguous on the source, just choose what you think makes the most sense for the situation).In deciding how to categorize material on a website for a reference, it may be helpful to consider whether what is on the website is similar to an existing category of document type—for example, this reference is a position statement, which is similar to a press release, white paper, or report; hence the italic title.Put references with no date before references with dates, and put in-press references last. Retrieved from Menu Categories/Workplace Safety/Healthy-Work-Environment/DPR/Know Your Disaster American Nurses Association.

Multiple reference list entries: American Nurses Association.

If you use information from multiple pages on a website, create a separate reference list entry for each page, with in-text citations that correspond to the appropriate reference list entry. Retrieved from Menu Categories/Policy-Advocacy/Positions-and-Resolutions/ANAPosition Statements/Position-Statements-Alphabetically/American Nurses Association. Simply state the author once and then provide the years of the applicable references in chronological order, separated by commas.