Persian culture dating

24-Apr-2020 22:47

Of course, this is not always the case, and there are seldom times when Persian parents are more open minded and accepting of a person that their child is dating, if their child is happy. A huge portion of Persians will hide you out, so to speak during early dating, until they’re more sure about going public with you.

They’ll go out of their way in taking you to secluded and private places, so that the other Persians that you both might run into won’t “catch you” on a date together. I think that this mostly happens until about the age of 40 for men and women.

If you ever need a friend or someone to talk to, you’ll have 30 immediate family members to choose from. They don’t do the typical American thing of wanting their kids out of the house at 18 years old.

People talk behind your back the mere second that you walk out of a room.I had the best teacher I have two amazing children that I adore more than life itself. There’s nothing that I want more for them, than to keep the good parts of their culture a big part of their life.I taught myself how to speak Farsi, and I did so predominantly so that one day, I could speak to my children in their native tongue, if and when I had them.I appreciate that and by no means, does the love I’ve received go unnoted.

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I’ve also experienced some of the worst things in my life, that were done to me by many Persians.

As well, for all of those Persians out there who aren’t proud of who they are, and where they come from, that’s ridiculous, and you should be proud of being Persian, because it’s a beautiful culture.