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Based off of this headcanon by the amazing Mariana:"But how many times Sally teased Percy about him and Annabeth going out in a date and Percy always was “ITS JUST A MOVIE MOM” “JUST A SILLY DINNER” “BOWLING MOM, JUST BOWLING” “SHE IS FORCING ME TO GO TO THE LIBRARY WITH HER” until the day he finally said “Yes mom, we’re going on a date”"Sally's POV. I just had a question.”Sally sighed as the tight knot that had been forming in her stomach loosened. You know, from camp.” Percy’s voice tightened, a hint of impatience creeping into his tone.“I know who Annabeth is, honey. It was the sunday after Thanksgiving and Paul had come over to help them eat leftover turkey that even after four meals seemed likely to last another week. But the report’s due friday and this was the only time we could get together.”“What movie are you watching? “Speaking of Annabeth…” Sally moved swiftly toward the door, leaving her boys to sort things out.

Set between Battle of the Labyrinth and "Staff of Hermes." Ridiculously fluffy and ridiculous. “Oh, good.” She motioned to her co-worker Jeanette. ”“I wanted to ask if I could stay out a bit later than usual.”Sally’s forehead wrinkled, considering. You’ve got that big History test tomorrow.”“But that’s why I’d be out late. I just didn’t know she was in New York.” “Yeah, she’s going to this fancy girls’ school this year. Look, she wants to meet me at the library in half an hour. She felt lucky that Percy and Paul got along so well, for the most part.

She greeted her son’s friend warmly and accompanied her up the stairs to the apartment. Kids from high schools all around the city are reading it. ”Sally opened the apartment door and gestured Annabeth through. The expression on his face was a mix of annoyance and resignation. Congratulations on your engagement.”“Thank you, Annabeth. I’m told this movie business is your idea.”“Yes, sir. Mom.” Percy rolled his eyes with the practiced exasperation only an adolescent can truly muster.“I’m just teasing you. Thanks.” There was a slightly desperate look in Percy’s eyes that could only be interpreted as “get lost”.“Okay, well if you two need anything, let me know.

“So, Percy says you’re going to watch To Kill a Mockingbird? But Chiron’s greek copy has gone missing, so he recommended the movie.”“Well you won’t get any arguments from me. “Thank you, my dear.” Percy met them in the hallway. Sally wrapped her arms around his waist, trying to mollify him. One of my teachers said it would be an acceptable alternative for students with learning disabilities.” Sally had to admit it was elegantly done. Now, Annabeth, since my son seems to have forgotten his manners, did you want anything to drink? We have almost a whole pumpkin pie left.”“No, thank you, Ms. I’m just going to walk Paul out.” She took his hand and walked with him down the hall to the door.

” Percy huffed, pulling on his green winter hat.“Go have fun.

Stay safe.”“I will, Mom.” He paused briefly to kiss her cheek, then hurried out the door. ”Sally shut the door behind him, allowing herself a knowing chuckle.

My fiance the english teacher might be another matter.”“That’s right! A lie by omission certainly, but truthful in its own way. Pausing, she held up her hand and they stopped to listen for a moment. They’re so weird.” Sally heard Percy open the player and insert the movie disc. Believe me, after a weekend at my Dad’s house, it’s a nice change.”“That sucks. I’m used to it.” Sally’s motherly heart sank at the resignation in Annabeth’s tone.“I’m gonna grab a soda. ”“Sure, as long as it’s not that hideous blue stuff you drink.”At Percy’s indignant sound of protest, Sally almost laughed and gave herself away. “Something to do, I guess.”“And who is going to be there?

She smiled at Paul and shook her head.“So this isn’t a date? Her only response was more silent laughter.~~~“So you’re going... ” Sally asked incredulously.“Yup.” Percy sat, tying his shoes. ” Sometimes, Sally thought, it’s impossible to get a straight answer from a teenager.“Some kids from camp.

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”“Beckendorf and Silena, Clarisse and Chris,” Percy scowled briefly, then continued.

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Guess it was my lucky day.” Percy hissed as Sally dabbed at the cut with some antibacterial cream. The nectar will...’“Let a mother fuss,” she crooned. It wasn’t like that.” He looked her solemnly and declared, “Annabeth has never been to Papaya King.”“What? ” Percy exclaimed, mistaking Sally’s response as one of shock rather than confusion. I think the mortals thought we were breakdancers or something. “I’ll admit that’s a pretty good excuse for being late, but…”“Well, Annabeth fell pretty hard and her knee was banged up. Sally started packing up the first aid supplies when she heard Percy say her name. I’m really sorry I made you worry.”Eyes welling, Sally got up and pulled him in for another hug. I’m a Mom.” She kissed his forehead, smoothing his hair back. Saturdays were always crazy, but seeing that it was the first nice weekend of spring, the store had been packed. ”“Hi to you too,” Sally quipped, entering the living room and plopping down in the recliner. Then some of the girls in her dorm were giving her crap about makeup or something. I am going to go get some of the cake and bring it to you. I won’t look.” Percy slid down onto the loveseat and covered his face with his hands.

“I mean she’s lived on Long Island since she was seven and she’s never been there! I wanted to make sure she got home okay.”It was as if Percy knew exactly the right thing to say to get himself out of trouble. “I’m just glad you’re safe.”“Love you.”“Love you too, honey. As she placed her purse on the table by the door and toed off her shoes, she heard Percy tromping through the apartment. Percy paused half-way into the kitchen, backpack in hand. ” The genuine smile on Percy’s face made up for any sarcasm in his tone. Sally crossed to the kitchen, opened the pantry door and reached for a box of cereal labelled ‘Loads O’ Bran.’ Inside was a long plastic container which held a large slab of chocolate cake. He wore it that afternoon, standing in the kitchen packing his bag.

See you later.”Sally returned to the counter smiling. The last time Sally had seen the blonde girl it was clear that she and Percy had been arguing. And if Annabeth could help Percy pass history, well, it would be a small miracle. When Sally explained that he was meeting a girl at the library, her co-worker smirked knowingly. ”“He insists it’s not a date.”“That’s what they all say.”~~~“So who all is coming over tonight?