Pay with paypal dating sites

23-Jun-2020 02:29

But an online dating service may be promoting something more than just a social introduction.Adult services such as prostitution have followed their customers online, closely followed by law enforcement authorities.Go to Walgreens or most any other store and buy a prepaid credit card.I thing they make them in both visa and mastercard.But as this case demonstrates, a company may be accused of antitrust violations if it is such a major player in the marketplace that it has the potential to use its monopoly power to injure competition.

That kind of attention can be a concern not only for a dating site itself, but also for other online services that provide support to such sites, such as hosting companies and payment services. Sherman Act antitrust claims were dismissed (but with leave to file an amended complaint) because Infostream’s allegations that Pay Pal has an ownership interest in sites that compete with Infostream’s sites were deemed speculative.Similar issues arose in 2010, when various providers terminated their business relationships with the Wiki Leaks whistleblower site when it published secret U. Although Pay Pal was not actually sued, Wiki Leaks was recently successful in a lawsuit brought against a payment processor in Iceland.