Pay pal friendly sex chat

09-Mar-2020 06:06

A booming, highly profitable community has emerged on You Tube creating content that caters to those with ASMR, where (usually female) You Tubers try to trigger the response in viewers.

The You Tubers often are dressed in strange costumes or act out scenes that could be viewed as pornographic or sexual in nature.

Over the past year, two popular forums for men who identify as involuntary celibates, or incels, have been banned by Reddit and a domain registrar in response to members’ history of toxic misogyny and celebrating violence against women.

Now some of these men are trying to turn the tables.

Foreign governments and other groups have abused the policies to silence opponents on platforms like Twitter and Facebook for years.

On Sunday, one user detailed a popular alternative to reporting sex workers to the IRS, which the user said was too slow and dangerous: “Find the thots paypal email, send them money, and then report them for selling goods against paypals services …

It's against Paypal's rules to solicit digital sexual content.

Many of the women claimed to have lost access to hundreds of dollars, as most payment companies absorb whatever funds were stored in the reported account.

Participants in the harassment campaign openly discussed tactics and specific attacks in r/Thot Audit, a public subreddit.

None of the companies responded to requests for comment.