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Soon he got down on his RIGHT knee and took her LEFT hand, And said he wanted to always be her RIGHT man. Soon a RIGHT baby was born into the happy RIGHT home, And Mrs. RIGHT not working the money LEFT would be much less. RIGHT found (company name) and wondered could it be?Is this something I can do as a mom, is it RIGHT for me?-19 Games w/ Instructions -10 Colorful Templates for Games One of my favorite types of games to play at my parties is silly drawing games. This set of Listening Games will go a long way towards establishing this right off the bat!-14 Games w/ Instructions -7 Colorful Templates for Games This is the game packet mother-load when it comes to fun templates and worksheets. Game contains: Print off the chapters to create your customized binder (I suggest page protectors from your office supply store – heck, they’ll even print the chapters for you if you want to save on ink).And the ones you’ve gone through the trouble adapting to direct sales are getting kinda stale. We’ve got you covered with this fantastic set of Party Games for Consultants.This massive set of games is complete with 14 fun-filled chapters consisting of 167 games and 67 templates.In this game, you have everyone sit or stand in a circle. They could be anything, but I recommend that they be products that you offer or something that could be used towards an order such as auction bucks (if you have an auction theme) or a gift certificate. Tell your guests that you are going to tell them a story and that every time they hear the word ‘left’, whoever is holding a gift must pass it to the person on their left.The same thing goes for when they hear the word ‘right’ (they pass it to the right).

Designed to help you entice your guests to want to join you in your direct sales company, this set of fantastically fun games consists of the following: -10 Games w/ Instructions -2 Colorful Templates for Games This is the perfect chapter to have on hand to get guests ready to party!

And with 24 different games, you’ll never play the same game twice with the same set of guests (how frustrating is that!

) -24 Games w/ Instructions -5 Colorful Templates for Games Sometimes it’s fun to shake things up a bit, and that’s exactly what this set of animal games will do.

You’ll have guests literally crowing about this one! -6 Games w/ Instructions -3 Colorful Templates for Games Ready to get your guests up, moving, and acting silly?

Right/Left Games are the perfect way to get them into the spirit of laughing and fun.

She booked her own party, and it LEFT her feeling excited and fun, She made friends and made money, and she knew she wasn’t done. And baby RIGHT loved having his mother at home with him. RIGHT received tons of perks that made the company so satisfying, She got free products, prizes, trips, that LEFT her a career so gratifying.

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