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“In considering what people are gravitating towards these days for their recreational enjoyment, many flock to social networking online.However, there is still the human need to interact in reality and so, these are the kinds of programs being presented on Super Saturday,” he said.Dire wolves lived as recently as 9,500 years ago, according to dated remains.From the 1850s, the fossil remains of extinct large wolves were being found in the United States, and it was not immediately clear that these all belonged to one species.Aside from his Park La Brea activities, Sir Richard is head of Shene Gate Pictures, a production company which will produce films on composers beginning with Sir Edward Elgar.

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As with other large Canis hypercarnivores today, the dire wolf is thought to have been a pack hunter.

His love of music has motivated Sir Richard Winter-Stanbridge ever since he sang at the Royal School of Choral Music in England at age seven.