Parental dating and child attachment wwwsoclimates dating site

19-Sep-2019 22:37

They seek approval and reassurance from others, yet this never relieves their self-doubt.

They often overstep the personal boundaries of their children by touching them excessively and by invading their privacy.

Attachment researchers have identified attunement as being significant in the formation of an attachment.

Attunement means being in harmony; being aware of and responsive to another.

The main factor in a child developing an ambivalent/anxious attachment pattern is inconsistent attunement in the relationship with their primary caregiver.

Studies have shown that the quality of the relationship between the parents plays a central role in the transmission of specific attachment patterns from one generation to the next.

Babies have an innate drive to make sure that they get their basic needs met by a parent, caregiver or other significant person in their life.

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