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In rural and tribal areas, education for women is much rarer than that for men, resulting in lower literacy rates.

Under Islam, women are seen as lesser citizens in comparison to men, and therefore often paid less than the minimum wage.

Most commonly, meetings are left to the control of parents who, through wide circles of social contacts of the "right sort", organise and cultivate their sons and daughters into arranged marriages.

However, meetings also occur as a result of community get togethers or through religious events, social occasions that are geared to garner friendships which, at some point in the future, could become a reason for dating.

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Similar to the cuisine found in neighbouring India, the food in Pakistan tends to be well-seasoned, spicy and very tasty.

More than 1,000 women suffered this astonishingly cruel form of mediaeval murder, on account of so-called ‘honour crimes’, in the last year alone.

However, even when their lifestyle is hectic at work and occupied in daily chores, they are still very adept at knowing what pleases their men; there are few nationalities whose women are as expert at looking after their partners.

Although the state officially recognises equality between the genders, Pakistan is one of the world’s most dangerous places for women, with high levels of domestic abuse, child marriages and forced marriages.

While education is fairly equal between males and females in the larger cities, girls are usually segregated into their own schools in order to prevent distractive attention from boys.

Because of strong traditions, Pakistan is somewhat different to other countries when it comes to love, sex and marriage, the so-called "arranged marriage" still being practised in almost every community, except perhaps within the urban middle classes.

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