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Those who study Latin and/or Greek at school characteristically study a small number of texts primarily for the purpose of construing the language.

Close analysis of texts is an essential part of Classics – but it is not the only part, and some of the features of particular passages only be come clear in the context of the whole of a text, or indeed of other texts.

This is particularly true at King's, where we are impatient to get on with the amazing things one can dig out of Latin and Greek texts - but one can only begin digging once one has read those texts. Read them in English translation, but, if you can, read the suggested parts in Greek (if you have A level or equivalent Greek) or Latin.He has made important contributions to the understanding of signaling pathways in innate immunity and inflammation, identification of immune cell subsets and new immune molecules in immune response and cancer, all of his work was completed in China. 1994, Professor He returned to China and joined the laboratory of Professor Denain Ba in Department of Immunology, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) & School of Basic Medicine, Peking Union Medical College (PUMC).One year later, he obtained a full Professorship in CAMS & PUMC, and developed his interest in γδT cells, going on to obtain a dozen national and international grants leading his students to embark on the study of γδT cells, focusing on a relationship with tumour-immunology.Every issue contains a dozen or so short articles on aspects of Classics, written by those who teach in universities.

It costs only £3 and both the current number and back-numbers are available from the Classical Association website.So before you come you should get some of the most central texts under your belt, and begin to explore the sorts of things that scholars do with them. The second part lists some introductory works good for orientation (and as it happens with quite heavy King's connections! The third part lists some classic works of scholarship which offer ways in to Classics which you may not have yet come across.