Over accomodating mother in law

06-Nov-2020 04:40

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The court can give directions it considers appropriate with respect to the contact the child is to have with any named person or any medical or psychiatric examination or assessment of the child under s44(6).

A secure accommodation order can only be made with respect to a looked-after child.If they are not subject to a care order, an order can only be made for a child who is under 16 years; if the child is subject to a care order, they can be placed in secure accommodation until they are 18.Children under 13 can only be kept in secure accommodation with the consent of the Secretary of State.can apply for but the most common are care orders, supervision orders, emergency protection orders and secure accommodation orders.

In these proceedings, the child is automatically a party and is represented by a children’s guardian appointed by Cafcass.

The local authority has responsibilities to ensure that plans are made and preparations in place before the child is 18 to enable the child to make the transition to independence, and the local authority continues to have duties towards the child until they are 23 years old.