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30-Dec-2019 17:15

You can read more about his research in the Student Stories section of our website.🐢🐢🐢 Hillary Thallman, grad student, and professors Scott and Selina Heppell show off their life raft and fashionable survival suits at the Newport Rec Center during their Sea Safety Training in April #TBT Do you still need Sea Safety training? Learn about the sea and the importance of geographic literacy in this article featuring FW Postdoc David Trimbach.Alan Dennis from Oregon State University Extension Service created a supplemental animation that illustrates the methods used in this study, and the visual storytelling is amazing!

Members of the Garcia Lab recently published in Frontiers, sharing a story about how water levels experienced by tadpoles and soil moisture experienced by terrestrial juveniles impact movement behavior.🏆🏆Throughout her time as the FW Club’s advisor, our club has increased in the breadth and depth of our community impact.