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14-Aug-2020 14:51

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They haven't learnt in the normal daily run of things that it's possible to be furious with someone in the morning and best friends again in the afternoon.

Growing up, only children haven't had to take turns for the shower or the right to choose television programs, so they can be impatient - explosive even - when things don't go their way.

• They can easily feel suffocated by relationships. Naturally, only children share many of the characteristics ascribed to first-born children. The main difference is that they never experienced being displaced by a new arrival, and the pang of jealousy that can accompany that.

(In the most recent census, 13.2 per cent of women aged 40 to 44 years had just one child compared with 8 per cent in 1981.) As with all birth positions, being an only child comes with advantages and disadvantages.

They're also not great with surprises and sudden changes of plan.

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