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14-May-2020 10:05

Select who will receive notifications about dates in Module Settings. All emails sent to and from customer are saved under his profile, no matter if it? You just need to create new email box at Administration - Emails and disable it, then go to CRM Settings and select it as a CRM box. There is a way to add communications with customer manually.

Add Lead User using quick add: In the dialog window add user? s name and title: A user without ability to log into the system will be created automatically and added to the ? Sources are managed at Administration - On the profile of the user you will see tab ? where all the updates from the user social accounts (facebook & twitter) will be grabbed: You will never forget about an important event in client? There are also options to repeat on weekly, monthly or yearly basis. It can be email correspondence stored in database and retrieved automatically from CRM email set in the module settings. Project Request is created from email and Lead is subscribed to it with email notification to this request for further communication.

Making an appointment and visiting a medical centre or sexual health clinic can be overwhelming.

Budget History is saved in the system from the moment project request is created in the system.