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23-Oct-2020 12:40

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She said she’s 27 years old then and single & was working for a private concern in Bangalore though she’s a Tamilian from down south.By this time it was little late & I had to leave home.Post this conversation, I was occupied with work & I couldn’t log in for a week.During the weekend, managed to get some time to log in & saw an offline message from Haritha saying a hi few days back.She said her roomy is also stressed out due to work as both works in the same organization.

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After a few minutes, I saw her sign in a message from the right corner of the screen.

It was somewhere around the month of June at a browsing center.

People who are above 30 I suppose, should have frequented chatrooms locations then. I sent a couple of “Hi” messages to screen names that sounded feminine.

It was a dry day in chat & not much of responses were received.

I spent about little over 30 minutes and decided to leave due to poor response rate.

By now you should have understood what my intention was & she understood it too.