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The major marriage rites practiced in Ghana are:(1.) Religious Marriage and Civic Registration(2.) Customary Marriage(3) Traditional Marriage Before going into some detailed descriptions of these forms of marriages, we would like to get you acquainted with other necessary facts about Ghana’s views of marriage.The purpose of marriage in Ghana, just like the other parts in the world, is to provide a legitimate avenue for $exual satisfactions and reproductions as well as to support each other wherein lies the needs of companionship.Customary marriage seems to be the strongest of all the marital forms in Ghana and highly recognized.In it, every necessarily details concerning both families are taken note of.

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Traditional Marriage in Ghana, the rites and requirements, marriages being a world wide affair in which the Blacks and the Whites embark on interchangeably not minding the distances, languages, and cultural differences provided the love is there.

Before a Christian marriage rite is performed by a minister in Ghana, the union must have been duly registered in court or with a district metropolitan assembly.

The Islamic religious marriage have some twists in their own way of contracting marriage; it is purely based in Islamic laws and Muslim traditions whereby parents arrange partners for their children not minding whether they are compatible or not.

Traditional Marriage in Ghana is not just the couple and immediate family relations affairs but a group relations that goes beyond boundaries and includes distant relatives.

Marriage rites in Ghana is usually constructed around the customs of the ethnic group in which the couple live.

After the woman’s consent is given, the customary marriage ceremony as practiced by the bride’s ethnic group are performed by the groom’s family head, either the father or the uncle.

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