Online dating gift certificate

04-May-2020 13:44

They add a plus value in your profile on dating websites.

People can see on your profile that you are the holder of a certificate of authenticity issued by Secure Dating.

It’s a very simple scam — so simple, in fact, you might find it bizarre that people are actually falling for it. There is a history of fraudsters using them for purposes of money-laundering, but recently this has grown into a scam that scares legions of victims into purchasing these cards.

It might not trouble you specifically, but it’s affecting many who don’t necessarily know much about i Tunes.

Victims are warned, in all three cases, that they need to urgently return the call or risk further penalty. K., scammers often pretend to be HMRC, but other variations persist.

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Dating Websites Be transparent and announce that the information about you is true and verifiable.

The company might be able to cancel the card before funds are drained.