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07-Jan-2020 09:16

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With TV shows like "The Undateables" and a general move towards internet dating in general, disabled people are keen to see what online dating can do for them.

At Disability Matches we noticed this trend over a number of years but couldn't find a good disabled dating website anywhere.

Take things at your pace and prepare yourself for something special.

The Scoop: Disability uk has become one of the top names in its niche by catering to the needs of disabled singles in the UK.

Now David hopes to use his platform to send a positive and empowering message to singles who are disabled or are considering dating someone with a disability.We want to make it easier for them to normalize their lives and to have relationships.” Disability Match has established itself as an authority on disability in the online dating world and appears at the top of Google search results for most disability-related terms.David has a wealth of knowledge in this area, not only as the Founder of the site but also as someone who has a hearing disability himself.David Miller created this compassionate dating site in 2011 because he wanted to give the disabled a place where they didn’t have to feel undeserving or unappreciated by the mainstream dating population.

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Disability Match encourages its users to accept one another’s flaws and look past disabilities to see people for who they are.

But there are reasons more specific to single people with disabilities.