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16-May-2020 22:02

And while Rakowski admits she doesn't think her idea will change the landscape of other dating apps, there is definitely a chance.

Setting the focus on personality and interests ahead of physical attributes could certainly spark interest for those in any community who are serious about finding a compatible partner and not just a hook-up.

The point of being successful in attracting your targets. I used to be 7ft tall, however my evil twin brother, the disfollically challenged (hairy ) one, he chopped me off at the thighs, and thank god doctors were creative. There are different Faucets for hot and cold water. and I don’t wanna hafta deal with legions of adoring females…. however, if ya email me back at my normal email address, I’ll be happy to oblige then….

Generally, men will make the move to answer personal ads and women put up and select from a long list of responses.

I work full time as an engineer, at a sponge factory. I in no way ever get all sexual when I talk to a girl unless it’s someone that I’ve known for a long time and we both know that it’s all in fun and aren’t going to get offended by it. I have a good sense of humor myself and the more warped the better.

Working on a master’s degree, then a PHD, in Electrical Engineering. (Perhaps she has some type of portable cloaking device, I’m not sure)I am intelligent, goal-oriented, motivated, attractive (sorry, I don’t have a picture online, I will try to get one if you like) and hilarious I would like a chance to e-mail back and forth a bit, and see what you are like. So, if you are looking for other oddballs to goof around with (or help conquer the world), let me know. Lemme tell you right off that bat that you have no idea how sick I was of seeing all kinds of adds from all over the place that would say stuff like “Moonlight walks on the beach”, “Romantic Dinners by Candlelight” and all that kinda stuff. I love shooting pool, playing/watching hockey and music.

In some cases, you may match with someone who doesn't have much written on theirs.

Spira explains that it can be “challenging to see a three-dimensional view on a two-dimensional dating profile.” Either way, Spira recommends hopping on the phone before meeting in real life.

I know that I’ve learned from my own experiances that different things are more romantic with different people. I’ve had a good time just sitting with a girl on my patio looking out over the snowfall. Anyhow…that you got me rambling (just excited to find someone that thinks like me hehehehe). Most of the people that know me tell me that I tend to “grow” on them.

I’m too tired right now to even realize if I’m funny or not, so I’m gonna go get some sleep…..

I really hope that you get this email and that I hear back from you.

Having a conversation before the date can uncover personality that a photo cannot.

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If the phone call goes well, there is a better chance the date will too. We can all find online dating pretty easily with the help of big dating sites like simplyclicked,, friendfinder, etc. I can Salsa, Merenge, and I am sure, that with a little help Tango and Waltz and Ballroom are just around the corner. Okay, so there is alot to say here, however, if you reply, I have a better wit and pictures I can send. I hope so because your picture was fantastic, Love the Boa. Gregory I’m always interested in people who strike me as potentially wackier than myself, as I find that to be a rare situation…… *lol*anyway, if you be interested in learning more about the exciting and adventurous nuances of me, then please…. I just moved to (name of town located north of Philadelphia) about a month ago, and seeing as how you’re north of Philly….. I stumbled across your ad and I see that we have quite a bit in common. Unfortunately, the one thing we don’t have in common is the city we live in.